The seller Mini-Pop® has a business of personalized POP figurines under the Mini-Pop® brand on his website

These present conditions relate all users, corporal or legal persons and apply to all orders placed on the website

Terms and conditions apply are those in effect at the date of confirmation of the order.

Only the French version is valid.

While passing order on the website requires prior consultation of these terms and conditions.

You can only place order if you accept all the terms and conditions below.

So, when customer valid his order, implies full and unreserved these terms and conditions.

The "approval click" constitutes an electronic signature. This electronic signature between seller and customer has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.

These terms and conditions can be modified at any time without notice by Mini-Pop®; the changes are then applied to all subsequent orders.

These terms and conditions were updated on 20th September, 2021.


Article 1 – Order:


Customer must use the website to place his order. The customer confirms his order when he clicked on the link "order" and confirms the order process.

He accepted these terms and conditions by ticking the box provided for that purpose. Any order placed on the site will receives a confirmation by e-mail.

The data recorded by the seller are the proof of the nature, content, date and method of payment for the order. Order is archived by the seller; the customer can access the archive directly by visiting its history of customer account on the website or by contacting customer service by e-mail: [email protected]

Orders are taken into account by the seller upon receipt of full payment of the customer and the pictures needs to process the order.

In all cases, the supply online of the credit card number and the final confirmation of the order will act as proof of the whole of the aforementioned order in accordance with the provisions of the law of March 13 2000 and will act as proof of liability for the amounts entered into through the order.


Article 2 - Pricing and Billing:


The prices are included VAT (Value Added Tax). They are applicable at the validation of the order by the customer and do not include shipping cost. The shipping costs are charged extra and are indicated before the final confirmation of the order.

Prices may not be modified once the customer order placed.

If one or more taxes or contributions, in particular environmental taxes were to be suddenly created or modified, by an increase or a drop, this change can be recovered on the selling price of the articles present on the Seller’s website and the sales documents. The prices of the articles ordered on the website and the date of the order in question constitute proof.

An invoice is drawn-up for each delivery, and is immediately available for consultation and printing on the Internet website on the customers’ secured account (heading "My Account").

For orders to countries outside the European Union, especially Switzerland, French overseas territories or the United States, the buyer must pay any taxes, customs duties and VAT that their local authorities may request upon delivery. You are solely responsible for the payment of these taxes and duties.


Article 3 – Terms of payment:

The customer can pay for his purchases:

By credit card (debit card, Visa, Visa Electron, Eurocard, MasterCard, e-cartebleue)

in accordance with a fully secured payment system which guarantees encryption of bank details. The flow of credit cards is done on the day of confirmation of the order by the customer, subject to validation of the transaction by the relevant payment centers, otherwise the order will not be registered into account.

If transaction is rejected by the bank, seller can delete the corresponding order, the customer will be notified by e-mail, mail or telephone and must contact their bank to release the transaction.


By check:

the check should be made in Euro by bank domiciled in France. The order will be confirmed upon receipt of check. Payments made by check will be made to the order of : Mini-Face

and send it at this address:


395, Impasse du Saut Benard

14 400 CROUAY


Phone : + 33 (0) 7 65 82 65 65

Email: [email protected]


By bank transfer:

Bank details:


Bank name : QONTO

Bank :16958

Counter : 00001

Account : 52396345621

Key :75

IBAN: FR76 1695 8000 0152 3963 4562 175




Payment "Pay twice free", by credit card, start from $100 purchase (including shipping cost)

The products ordered are the property of Mini-Pop® until final payment in full of the price under the terms of law No. 80335 of 12 May 1980. Mini-Pop® reserves the right to reclaim the goods ordered in case of payment default.In this hypothesis, and at the first request of Mini-Pop®, the customer agrees to return any product not paid and all fees.The seller may withhold delivery of the goods concerned up to the reception of the payment.Any settlement after the payment date will result in billing of penalties without any prior notice to the buyer if is required.The amount of these penalties would be at least equivalent to that resulting from applying a rate equal to 1.5 times the legal interest rate in effect at the date of the application of penalties, without this clause excludes additional damages.The buyer can never, on the basis of a complaint made by him, withhold all or part of the money due from himor obtain offsetting.When the buyer is late in payment or part payment at the deadline, the seller may by that fact alone and without the need of prior notice, immediately suspend deliveries without the buyer can claim damages from the seller.In the event of litigation, the seller is entitled to claim from the buyer the money refund of any kind related to the prosecution.


Article 4 – Delivery:

The customer must verify compliance information on the delivery address that it provides to Mini-Pop®. Mini-Pop® cannot be held responsible for any data entry errors, inaccuracies in the delivery address and the consequences that would follow such a delay and / or a delivery error. In this context, all costs incurred for the return of the order will be fully borne by the customer.Only the address provided on our server when placing the order prevails.

Delivery is made by french carrier COLISSIMO LA POSTE.The delivery takes 3 to 5 working days.The figurines POP are shipped from France, directly from our factory. All delivery times are shown in the description of products and are spread over 4 to 6 weeks and 2 to 3 weeks for urgent order.

Delayed delivery could occur if the client is slow to respond to the email containing the photo of the POP figurine for approval or if he wants changes.Therefore cooking and shipping would be delayed.

In the case of a lost package during transport, the time of investigation can vary by carrier and take one to three weeks.

In case of non receipt of the order, the customer must notify the seller by email to: [email protected]

During this investigation, no refund or return can be made.After confirming the lost package by the carrier, the purchaser may claim a refund or return of the order.

The client has a legal obligation and contractual to check the physical condition and contents of the parcel delivery in the presence of the deliveryman.Any reservation concerning the delivery must be made in writing at the time of receipt of the parcels on the carrier’s receipt. Client should confirm to the latter by registered letter within 2 days. A copy of these reservations must be sent by registered letter to Mini-Pop® (art.L.133-3 of the consumer code).

Important : Stated "subject to unpacking"has no legal valueand does not cover damage found later, after unpacking the product.

And all products which have damage would not have been explicitly and specifically noted on the delivery note,will not be refund or reedited by Mini-Pop®.

The signing of the delivery note by the customer or his agent is a proof of unreservedly and acceptance outright recognition of the parcel and its perfect conformity with the order.


Article 5 - Guarantees and Liability:

The POP figurines are handmade by the best artists.

Mini-Pop® makes every effort with the manufacture of figurines to ensure their compliance with the description which is reproduced on the site at the date of the order as well as their compliance with the legislation in force in France.

No other express or implied guarantee is granted.

Mini-Pop® makes a representation of the person, not a portrait.

Our figurines may have slight imperfections due to the fact that the production process is entirely artisanal and that they are painted by hand.

The customer is only liable for the options selected and the quality of the pictures sent.

The customer declares to have full rights to the pictures he send us for the manufacture of his figure.

By ordering and sending us your pictures, the client gives us the right to produce a figurine with his image and implicitly accepts the result of his figurine based on pictures supplied.

According to the terms of article L.121-20-2, 3° of the Consumer Code + (DGCCRF No. 89-145 of December 28th, 1988, IDB 1989 / 5 p.6), the personalization of the object is construed as the supply of goods carried out according to the consumer’s requirements, clearly personalized and which cannot be reship.Therefore any request for cancellation or refund will be refused.

As soon as the figurine has been sculpted, we will send you an approval email. Client can specify all the elements he wants correct using the approval module.

The customer will reply to the email validation for the different steps of the creation of his figurine.If no reply is made within 72 hours, the step will be automatically validated to continue the manufacturing process and / or the shipment.

If the customer asks corrections, he will receive a new picture with the corrections and until its satisfaction or until the reply time has elapsed.

No request for correction will be taken into account based on the information and / or pictures that were not provided during checkout or it will be charged.

Although every effort will be made to prevent errors, we will not be responsible for any errors on an order that was proofed and approved by the customer or customer's representative. These errors will be corrected at the customer's sole expense.


The email address given on the order should be the person responsible for approval of the order. We are not responsible for an order approved by someone other than the decision maker.


No validation email will be sent to customers for express orders made with less than 15 working days. The deadlines are shown on each product page.Caution, however, the deadline for realisation may be extended by 20 working days in the case of multiple orders or requests for more than 3 corrections.

In all cases, Mini-Pop® is not to be held liable in the event that non-execution of its obligations ascribable either to the unforeseeable and insurmountable deed of a third-party to the contract or in the event of an Act of God as defined by French jurisprudence.

Similarly, the responsibility of Mini-Pop® is not to be held liable for any risks or damage inherent through the use of the Internet network, in particular a breakdown in service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.

In addition, Mini-Pop® cannot be held liable for the non-observance of the legislative or regulatory provisions in force in the countries of delivery other than Metropolitan France.

The photographs illustrating, with the supporting text, the products on sale, do not enter the contractual domain. Mini-Pop® will not be liable under any circumstances should errors have been introduced.

Our Mini-Pop® custom bobbleheads are mainly intended to be displayed and are not toys.They are not appropriate for children.

Mini-Pop® assumes no liability for the use of products ordered on the site.


Article 6 - Privacy Policy:


The information that the client is submitting are essential for processing and shipping of orders and preparing invoices.

Mini-Pop® agrees to keep confidential all information submitted by its customers except their consent.

The client has a permanent right to access, oppose and correct any data relating to him in accordance with European texts and French laws (Article 34 of the Act of January 6th 1978).The customer may at any time make a request to Mini-Pop® to know what information it has on him.

The archiving of purchase orders and invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable support so as to correspond to a faithful and durable copy in accordance with article 1348 of the civil code.


Article 7 - Intellectual Property:

 All the elements on the Mini-Pop® website (logos, illustrations, text, names, brand names, pictures, videos, animation, graphic design, website navigation ...) is the property of Mini-Pop® and are protected by French laws concerning the copyright, trademark and intellectual property.

Any total or partial reproductions of the content by any means whatsoever are subject to prior and express authorization from Mini-Pop®.

Non-observance of this prohibition constitutes a breach which may lead to civil and criminal liability for the counterfeiter.

Any link directly pointing to our website is subject to authorization. Any unauthorized link will have to be withdrawn on demand by the Seller.

All projects, studies, sketches and models remain the property of Mini-Pop®.

Mini-Pop® reserves the right to use your pictures next to the figurine under the Mini-Pop® logo created in the Mini-Pop® workshop for advertisement and marketing efforts inside forums, blogs, online or offline newspapers read by the public audience all over the world.


Article 8 – Duration:

The present terms and conditions apply throughout the period of putting online the services offered by the Seller.


Article 9 - Entirety of the contract:

These Terms and Conditions constitutes the entirety of the agreement concluded between the parties. No other conditions communicated by the customer may be incorporated or depart from these terms and conditions.


Article 10 - Applicable law and any dispute:


These terms and conditions are subject to French law.

The website server is located in France but this site is accessible worldwide.

Each country may have laws that differ from the French laws, users accept, without reservation, that simply ordering a product and / or visit the website must submit at the French laws.

In the event that a dispute appears from this contractual relationship, the parties undertake to seek an amicable solution before any legal action.

For any dispute arising under these Terms and conditions and that could not have led to an amicable settlement, the court of competent jurisdiction will be that of the place of residence of the seller

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