Our custom POP figurines

How are made our custom figurines ?

All our figurines are modeled using a 3D rendering software and printed in Resin then are entirely painted by hand. We only use high quality paint. All our figurines are made in France.

What material are your bobbleheads made of?

All our figurines are made of Polymer resin. Very resistant materials.


How big is a figurine?

All of our POP figures are approximately 10cm high like a real Funko Pop.


Do your figures look like the real POP figures?

Our figurines have the same appearance and the same size, but slight imperfections may appear because the production process is entirely artisanal and they are painted by hand; while the real pop figurines are made of vinyl and produced by machines in an industrial way.

Clearly, you will not find your own pop anywhere else since it will be your unique model.


Can we get everything we want done?

Because everything is completely modeled by our 3D designers, we can do almost anything. All you have to do is choose a figure from the Full custom category.

Can we change the position of the premade bodies?

The possibility of changing the position of these bodies is limited but possible. To do this, please contact us beforehand by email at: [email protected]


Can a bobble head fit on our wedding cake?

Your Pop bobblehead will fit perfectly on your cake. You just have to make sure that it can support the weight of the figurine which weighs around 300gr.

We also recommend that you protect the base from any contact with food.

We are getting married, do we have to be dressed in the pictures to have our personalized Pop figurine?

It is not necessary to be dressed in your photos. You can send a catalog photo, photos of your fitting or a description.


We don't want to see each other dressed before our wedding, what should we do?

You just need to mention it to us in your production instructions when placing your order. We will then send you your respective photos separately.

Can I have my order processed urgently?    
Unfortunately, following a very high demand for our figurines, we can no longer make figurines urgently. This Option has been disabled.

How long does it take to make a Pop bobblehead?    
Manufacturing takes several days between modeling, printing and painting. You should know that it takes an average of 6 to 8 hours of work to make a single figure without the box!

What king of picture should I send?  
It is imperative to send good quality pictures. Send pictures with color-friendly lighting. No blurry pictures, badly framed etc.…
The pictures are the essential basis of the work, the quality of your bobblehead will depend on the photos provided.

The facial expression from your front photo will be reproduced. So keep in mind that we are sculpting what we see in your picture.

And, send pictures of yourself that you like! If you like the photo sent very much, then you will like your Pop figurine.

Can I follow the production of my Pop bobblehead?          
Of course ! For each custom pop figurine, several pictures are sent to you by email before it is printed during each production step. At this stage, you have 72 hours to submit your comments and make the final touches on your faces and body (if the body is also personalized). In the event of retouching, you will receive a new picture and so on until your complete satisfaction or the 72-hour period has elapsed without a response from you.

Important : All modification requests relating to information or pictures that have not been provided with the order will be refused or invoiced.

Likewise, once approved, the face cannot be retouched except at additional cost.


Will my POP figure really look like me ?

At Mini-Pop®, we provide the best POP figures you can find. We make a representation of you based on your physical traits and your personality.




Which country do you ship to?    
We ship to worldwide. However, for all countries outside the European Union, it will be the buyer's responsibility to pay any taxes, customs duties and VAT which may be claimed by the authorities of his country at the time of delivery. Their acquittal is his responsibility and is his responsibility.

Please note that all packages will be delivered against signature.

Can I ship figurines to different addresses?   
When placing your order, you have the option of indicating any delivery address.

How are the Pop figures packaged ?  
All our custom Pop figurines are extremely well packaged to maintain them and protect them from any impact. It is almost impossible for these to break during transport. Cases of Pop bobblehead damaged during transport are extremely rare (1 case per 400). In these rare cases, we undertake to reproduce your Pop figurine at our expense. To do this, it is imperative that the customer can send us the transport slip attesting to the damage observed during delivery. We therefore strongly recommend that you check your entire package in the presence of the carrier.

By which carrier are the Pop figurines shipped?

The custom Pop figurines are shipped by express French carrier:  COLISSIMO LA POSTE

The tracking number will be provided to you upon shipment.


What payment methods do you accept?  
We accept payments by credit card such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, checks domiciled in France, bank transfers, money orders and PayPal.

Our custom Pop bobblehead being made according to your own specifications, no realization can begin before the payment of the order.

How do I know if my payment has gone through?        
Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a confirmation email. You can also consult your account to see the status of your order and print your invoice there.

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